With Maheshbhai We Found a Home in VHPA


O ur leader, our mentor, our polar star, our guide dear Maheshbhai has passed away to the new world in the Almighty’s lap but his memory, his message of unity, his incessant work, his insight into uplifting Bharatmata and awakening of Hindu people to their past glory will always guide us. After my medical residency, I had a desire to return to India and we were intensely looking an organization that was involved in Sewa for Bharatmata. We were invited to VHPA’s yearly governing council meeting of1981 in the evening as guests. Sharad and I heard a talk by Dr. Maheshbhai Mehta and we were very much impressed and felt that now we were blessed and we belong to this dedicated and visionary group. We were blessed to learn a lot ever since 1981.

Maheshbhai’s vision, patience, and total dedication has inspired us all.

May this great soul of Bharatmata be loved by the almighty and find peace.

May his soul still guide us indirectly. We will meet again someday in some form. May his soul Rest in Peace and love. May Raginiben find strength to bear this loss.

Om shanti Shanti Shantihi


Both Veenabahen and Sharadbhai are members of VHPA Governing Council for many years. Veenabahen as served as the vice president of youth activities and Sharadbhai has served as Regional Organizing Secretary.