My Fond Memories of Maheshbhai Mehta

I had the fortune of meeting Maheshbhai for the first time in 2006. I felt instantly connected with him. Anjleebahen was also with him and they stayed with us overnight that gave as the opportunity to get to know each other. Subsequently I met him several times either in Boston or in NJ as well at VHPA meetings in other states. Once we travelled together to Cincinnati to meet temple executives and encourage them to participate in HMEC. During that meeting he addressed the temple management eloquently and with clarity of thoughts as to what is our duty for the future generations of Hindus in America. Over the years he became fatherly figure for me. My last face to face meeting with him and Raginibahen was at his residence in Ahmedabad in early 2020. This visit was made possible by Vimal Sodhani ji and Pappubahen with whom I was also travelling.

During the years of my association with him, I found him to be very caring for everyone. He always spoke his mind. He always stood for building a strong united team to build consensus even if in the short term some important work needed to be delayed. He was a great inspirer, teacher, advisor, guide and motivator to me. He was a true Karmayogi who was easily approachable at any time. He treated everyone with respect and was always willing to help anyone. Raginibahen has been a wonderful selfless supporter of Maheshbhai throughout his life. She is a role model for everyone. His departure from this mortal world is a great personal loss. I feel very blessed to have been guided by him. My Naman to the departed soul and prayers for a peaceful heavenly journey