Maheshbhai Mehta : an encyclopedia Of Hinduism


During a visit to a friend in Philadelphia in 1982, I read a magazine at his residence called “Hindu Vishwa” published by VHP of America. Thus, I was introduced to VHP Bharat and Mahesh Mehta in the USA. On my return to Australia, I subscribed to this magazine and also distributed it among my Indian academic colleagues at the University of New England in Armidale. We were so inspired that first we formed VHP New England in 1984 but later with some more friends from Sydney we founded VHP Australia in 1989. In the following 30 years I met Maheshbhai, Anjleebahen and Raginibahen in Boston, Ahmedabad and Sydney. On one occasion Maheshbhai took our family to Girnar, Junagarh and Somnath temple. The following account is based on my recollections of Maheshbhai stretching over three decades.

It was always a great joy to meet Mahesh ji and listen to his experiences in all fields; as a scientist, RSS Pracharak in Bharat, his migration to the USA, and as a host to such great persons as Ma. Atal Behari Vajpayee, Ashok Singhal and Narendra Modi. He was an encyclopedia of Hinduism in general and RSS / VHP in particular. His depth of knowledge and ability to explain subtle topics in religion, politics and socioeconomic issues were exceptional. He was a great mentor, leader, orator, organizer and motivator. In fact, he was a blend of Karma yogi and Jnana yogi.

The following list of his achievements provides a testimony to Maheshbhaiji’s exceptional service to Hinduism in the USA as well as internationally. He was a founding member of HSS USA, VHP of America, Friends of India Society International, Hindu University of America, Hindu Students Council, Ekal Vidyalaya Foundation and Global Indians for Bharat Vikas. He was also instrumental in organizing the Hindu Mandir Executives’ Conference, First International Hindu Conference, Global Vision 2000 Conference and Dharma Samsad (Parliament).

Whatever little service in Australia have I done through VHP, Ekal, Hindu Council and HSS, it was all due to Maheshbhai’s blessings, inspiration and guidance.

He was my mentor and a brother. I shall miss him as will the whole Hindu community in many nations.

I pray for his peace.

Dr. Nihal Agar is the founding President, VHP Australia and Ekal Australia and Former Chairman, Hindu Council of Australia