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Maheshbhai Mehta’s Work was Foundational


I am Deeply saddened to learn about passing away of shri Mahesh bhai.

Pls convey my condolences to all, particularly Raginibahen.

A great soul and son of Bharat has joined the millions of shining stars, who are the lamps of Bharat Mata!

Hundreds and thousands feel that a loving family member has gone from their lives.

He was a visionary, original thinker, excellent planner and organizer, inspiration to thousands, always smiling even under pressures of major undertaking.

He had a deep understanding of our Sanatan Dharma, its fundamentals, its glorious as well as dark periods of history. He was well aware of the potentials of future and the current state of Hindu samaj.

His work in the USA has been foundational; and now it has grown into a tree of many branches.

I consider myself fortunate and blessed that I came in contact with a person like Maheshbhai.

May the Divine Mother keep his soul in Her lap.

Pranam to the departed great soul.

OM Shanti!


Shri Abhinav Dwivedi is former VHPA Governing Council Member.  He also served as vice president of Hindu University of America for a number of years.


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