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Maheshbhai Mehta, Frontline Leader


My vinamra Shraddhanjali to Aadarneeya Dr. Maheshbhai, the pioneer and veteran of the Hindu movement in the United States. He was a constant guide and inspiration to numerous karyakartas across generations. In every meeting with him, I gained some knowledge, received an insight, and, of course, more motivation to work for the cause. Every time I met him, I felt the warmth and care that he exuded. We have truly lost a frontline leader and a father figure. His accomplishments were great and he has left a great legacy through all the organizations and initiatives. His memories, his selflessness, courage, and dedication will continue to inspire all of us for years to come.

The punyatma has left his body on Gita Jayanti/Mokshada Ekadashi. What a saarthak end to the life of a Karmayogi. May Sri Parmeshwar grant Sadgati to the departed Aatma. Om Shantih, Shantih, Shantih.

Shri Saumitra Gokhale is Vishwa Vibhag Sanyojak (International Coordinator) of RSS, based in USA. He has a Master’s degree but has dedicated his life as a bachelor in the servic eof the Hindu society. He  travels constantly within USA and across the globe to guide and motivate all Sangh organizations.



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