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Dr. Maheshbhai Mehta-A Leader Who Could Think Ahead


I have known Dr. Maheshbhai Mehta for more than ten years. He was a pioneer, a visionary, and a champion of human rights. He was the leader who could think ahead and act. He founded Hindu organizations and, also encouraged others to start organizations decades ago to preserve Hindu culture in the US.

He led organizations for many decades to counter false propaganda against Hindus and Indians in general. We are seeing the fruits of his vision and action today. Millions of Hindus in the US are indebted to him.

He was the OFBJP national coordinator for many years. I was impressed by his clear, concise, and focused message. His advice was invaluable, and his problem-solving abilities were unparalleled.

A few years ago, we had a Karyakarta meeting. One of our young karyakartas asked him about balancing life’s competing demands, such as work, family, and serving Bharat Mata. He provided fantastic advice on how to prioritize and in what order to do so. That message is still reverberating in me, and I will remember the message forever. I followed his guidance and always advised young karyakartas who asked my advice.

Dr. Maheshbhai will always be with us. Om Shanti.

Shri Krishna Reddy is a past president of Overseas Friends of BJP (OFBJP.)








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