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Dr. Mahesh Mehta – One Who Inspired and Motivated


As I try to pen down the memories of times spent with Mahesh Bhai, I just get overwhelmed by the love he showered on me and on all those who came across him. He was a paras patthar (The Philosopher’s Stone); whoever came in his touch turned gold. I met him in Tampa at a time when Indians across the entire world were united and committed to support Narendra Bhai, our current PM Shei Narendra Modi, and have him at the helm of the country. During the little time I spent with him he transformed me to the core. Everybody who knew him knew his love for Bharat. He would motivate youth and urged all to do their best whatever little it might be for Bharat Mata our Janani Janma Bhoomi. When I visited him in Boston, before he moved to Bharat, even though he was in a wheelchair, he was as enthusiastic as ever to share his life experiences with me. He showed me his temple and the basement where the nation building meetings and discussions would happen. He gave me his most precious thing in the world, his time and love. Whenever I think of him, his smiling and ever inspiring face shines out. He is always with me in spirit, and he will live on in my heart every day of my life. May he come back to serve Bharat Mata as he always wished and guide us again to serve.  I am happy to share my picture with him and Raginibahen, his better half who not only always stood with him and supported him but also showered her love just like Mahesh Bhai on his disciples, I was never an exception.

Dr. Anju Preet is a research scientist and serves on the Executive Board of Global Indians for Bharat Vikas (GIBV), a Rural Empowerment NGO founded by Dr. Mahesh Mehta.


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